Spinosaurus was a huge/large theropod that could rival the size of the giant tyrannosaurs, like Tyrannosaurus


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Spinosaurus was a giant theropod that actually was a pescovore and usually didn't prey on other dinosaurs, as it usually preyed on fish.

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Spinosaurus is widely known for the huge sail on it's back, and due to recent discoveries, most scientist believe that they spent most of their time in the water, and that they were most likely four legged. The reason why there is a huge sail on its back is probably to heat spinosaurus up during the day in the morning.

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Spinosaurus was located near Morroco in Africa. Other dinosaurs in its area consisted of sarcosuchus, ouranosaurus, charcaradontosaurus, paralitian, and much more

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Spinosaurus was the main character in an episode of planet dinosaurs called lost world.

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