Men are a species that occupy the majority of middle earth in J.R.R Tolkien's novels. They live in many kingdoms, the most prominent being Gondor.

Work Edit

Men of middle earth did all sorts of work, including craft, trade, farmings, and more. Many are also very skilled fighters and archer.

Kingdoms Edit

There are many kingdoms of men in Middle Earth. Some prominent kingdoms include:-

  • Gondor- Situated near Mordor. It's capital is Minas Trith.
  • Rohan- Large kingdom of Men. Includes the city of Aridamark and the fortified fortress Helm's Deep.
  • Lake Town- Situated near the Misty mountains. Destroyed by Smaug.
  • Dale- City of men besides the Dwarven kingdom of Erebor. Taken over by Smaug, men returned once Lake Town was destroyed.

Known Men Edit

Important men of Middle Earth include:-

  • Aragorn- Also known as Strider. Ranger of the north. Heir of Isildur. Became king of Gondor.
  • Isildur- King of Gondor during the First Age. Cut Sauron's ring of his hand and became a ring-bearer. Was shot to death.
  • Theodon- King of Rohan. Killed by the Witch King of Angmar during attack on Minas Trith.
  • Boromir- Son of Denethor II, steward of Gondor. Member of the Fellowship of the Ring. Killed by Orcs while protecting the hobbits.
  • Faramir- Brother of Boromir. Captain of Gondor's forces.
  • Denethor II- Steward of Gondor. Became crazed when he peeked into the Palantir. Died when he fell from a high place while he was on fire.